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 About BMG

The first Baltic metabolic group meeting was held on 27th March 2007 in Tartu, Estonia.

BMG unite health care specialists interested in inherited metabolic diseases from three Baltic countries – Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.

BMG aims to increase knowledge of inborn errors of metabolism in humans and to stimulate interactions between clinicians and researchers in inborn errors of metabolism.
These objectives are achieved by organizing annual BMG meetings, which are held each year in a different Baltic country.

We are glad to announce and invite you to apply for the RECORDATI RARE DISEASES GRANT (more information)

Funding Opportunity Purpose

The purpose of this initiative is to support investigator-initiated research and dissemination of research results in inborn errors of metabolism (IEM) with the final aims of awareness-raising, improvements of diagnostics, treatment and management, development and implementation of clinical guidelines in the field of IEM.

Potential applicants: a broad range of healthcare providers including genetic counsellors, clinical geneticists, pediatricians, psychiatrists, nurses, nurse practitioners, and primary care physicians, students etc.

Investigator(s) with substantial experience in IEM should be an integral part of the project.

The total budget of the call for proposal(s) - 5 000 EUR/year

Open Date (Earliest Submission Date)

September 03, 2021

Grant Application Deadline

October 30, 2021

Grant Application Evaluation Committee Review

November 1, 2021 – November 30, 2021


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